Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland

The seventy-third conference of the Association took place 29-31 March 2010 at:-

The University of Reading

The lead panel of the Reading conference was on the theme 'Everyday Culture and the Depiction of the Everyday in Literature, Arts and Media', and comprised three sessions. Other panels will included Postcolonial Studies, Linguistics, Cultural Theory, History and Remembrance, and panels on Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 19th- and 20th-Century Studies, and Gender and German Studies. The President's Guest was F.C. Delius.

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Monday, 29 March
12.00 onwards

Arriving members will be met by representatives of the host department


Opening Business (Conor Lecture Theatre)

14.30-16.00 (parallel

Lead panel 1

Gillian Pye (UCD): 'Everyday Things - the Substance of Identity in Post-Wende Literature'

Martin Brady (King's College London), '"Das Abenteuer Alltäglichkeit": Materialism and Metaphysics in the Films of Peter Handke and Straub-Huillet'

Sabine Egger (Limerick), 'Everyday Experience in the Poetry of Gerald Zschorsch and Lutz Seiler'

Gender and German Studies (Renate Rechtien)

Georgina Paul (Oxford), 'Innstetten's Imagination: Reading the Masculine in Theodor Fontane's Effi Briest'

Frauke Matthes (Edinburgh), 'The Male Desire for Love: Feridun Zaimoglu's Liebesbrand'

Clare Bielby (Hull), 'The Terrorist Body as Weapon'


Coffee / Tea

(parallel sessions)

History and Remembrance 1 (Anna Saunders)

Martin Modlinger (Cambridge), 'Der Kaiser von Atlantis: a Prisoner Opera in the Terezín Ghetto, 1944'

Peter Davies (Edinburgh) and Andrea Hammel (Sussex): 'Research Network: Holocaust Writing and Translation'

20th Century and Contemporary Studies 1 (Debbie Pinfold)

Nora Maguire, (Trinity College Dublin), 'Childhood Innocence and Exculpatory Desire: "Childness" in Dieter Forte's Der Junge mit den blutigen Schuhen (1995)'

Petra Bagley (University of Central Lancashire), 'Does Granny Know Best? The Role of the Grandmother in Recent Austrian Literature'

Catherine Smale (Trinity Hall Cambridge), '"Distorted Phantoms": The Discourse of Haunting in the Post-Wende Writing of Christa Wolf'




Conference Dinner

Tuesday, 30 March






Melani Schroeter (Reading)
"Ich will Sie zum Reden bringen, nicht zum Schweigen":
Silence, Concealment and Public Expectations of Speech in Political Discourse



Report by DAAD

Reports from other organisations


Coffee / Tea


(parallel sessions)

Linguistics (Nils Langer)



Critical theory (Angus Nicholls) (82A01)*

19th Century Studies (Peter Davies)

Eleoma Joshua (Edinburgh): 'Misreading the Body: E. T. A Hoffmann's Klein Zaches, genannt Zinnober'

Andreas Boldt (NUI Maynooth), 'An Irish Woman in Germany: Clarissa von Ranke nee Graves and her Salon within Berlin Society 1843 to 1871'

Nicole Grimes (UCD), 'Ein Ausdruck zugleich von Wollust und von Grausamkeit: Hanslick's Review of Bizet's Carmen in 1870s Vienna'



(parallel sessions)

Language Learning and Technology (Michael Maerlein)

Valerie Mannix (Waterford IT), 'Motivation - The Language Learner and Teacher'

Astrid Ensslin, Cedric Krummes (Bangor), Anke Lüdeling, Marc Reznicek (Humboldt Universität Berlin), 'How to spot errors and compare learners of German: the Falko and WHiG projects'

Michael Maerlein (UCD), 'The German VLT - Development of a New Standardized Test to Measure Germany Vocabulary Size'

Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Sabine Rolle)


Anne Simon (Bristol), 'Nuremberg: the Making and Marketing of an Icon'

Mary Fischer (Napier), 'Virgin, Whores and Housewives: the Role of Women in the Teutonic Order's Depiction of the Conquest of Prussia'

Nigel Harris (Birmingham), 'Semihomo, monstrum, animal. Virgil's Cacus in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period'


Tea / Coffee

(parallel sessions)

Lead panel 2

Alan Scott (Nottingham), 'Everyday Language in the Spotlight: the "Decline" of the Genitive Case'
Geraldine Horan (UCL), 'Cursing and Swearing in Modern German'

Regina Weinert (Sheffield/University of the Basque Country), '"Er zeigt schon reichlich Stressverhalten": Why Does Roger Cicero Not Use Demonstrative Pronouns?'

20th Century and Contemporary Studies 2 (Debbie Pinfold)

Katya Krylova (Cambridge), '"Die Krankheit des Damals": Melancholy and the Return to Origins in Ingeborg Bachmann's Das Buch Franza'

Claudia Gremler (Aston), '"Nun leuchtete uns das Nordlicht": Schweden als Imaginationsraum für deutsche Sehnsüchte in Kurt Tucholskys Schloß Gripsholm und seinen beiden Verfilmungen'

Alasdair King (QML), 'The Province Always Rings Twice: Christian Petzold's Heimatfilm-noir'


Business Meeting






President's Guest

F.C. Delius

Wednesday, 31 March





(parallel sessions)

Critical Theory*

Angus Nicholls (Queen Mary), 'Introduction: Recent Developments in Scientific Literary Studies in the Anglophone and German Speaking Worlds'

Steve Giles (Nottingham), 'Literary Theory and the Philosophy of Science'

Imelda Rohrbacher (Universität Wien), 'Ästhetik und System: Zu Käte Hamburgers Logik und Harald Weinrichs Strukturen'

*All three speakers will address the following common text: Peter Buerger's "Formalismus - nomologische Wissenschaft oder hermeneutische Theorie?" in: Vermittlung-Rezeption-Funktion. Aesthetische Theorie und Methodologie der Literaturwissenschaft (Frankfurt/Main: Suhrkamp, 1979), pp. 95-117.

History and Remembrance 2 (Anna Saunders)

Dora Osborne (Oxford), 'Bergungs- und Löscharbeit: Christoph Ransmayr's Archival Materials'

Mark Barnard: 'The Breaking of a Taboo or Promotion of Victimhood? The Changing Parameters of a German Erinnerungskultur in the wake of Jörg Friedrich's Der Brand since 2002'

Debbie Pinfold (Bristol), 'They Weren't all Zonenkinder: Post-Wende Accounts of GDR Childhood'


Coffee / Tea


Lead panel 3

Elinor Beaven (Cambridge), '"Künstlerehepaare" of the Weimar Republic - an Encounter of Art and Everyday Life'

Andrea Milde (University of Iceland), 'Directing-Conversations: The Artistic Everyday'

Postcolonial Studies (Dirk Göttsche)

Christopher M. Geissler (Cambridge), 'Atlantic Echoes: Mulattos, Racial Anxiety and German Writing'

Dr Tracey Reimann-Dawe (Durham), 'Anglo-German Tensions on African Soil and the Rise of German Nationalism during the German Colonial Era'

Dr Maria Irchenhauser (Queen's University, Canada), 'Im Spannungsfeld Globalisierung: Zur Bedeutung "Afrikas" in der Konstruktion von Heimat und Identität in Hans Steinbichlers Winterreise und Christof Hamanns Usambara'

Eva Knopp (UCL/DAAD), 'Laughter's Safe Space? Comparing Comic Representation of (Post-)Migratory Cultures in the UK and Germany'


Closing Business


Lunch and Departure