Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland

The seventy-fifth conference of the Association took place on 2-4th April 2012 at:

The University of Edinburgh

You can download an archived copy of the full programme here

The lead panel of the Edinburgh conference was on the theme Deviants in German-language, literature and culture. All regular panels also ran, as well as a number of extra panels.


MONDAY 2 April

12:30 onwards: Arriving delegates will be met by representatives of the host department in the foyer of St Leonard's Hall

13:30-14:00 Opening Business

14:00-15:30 Parallel Sessions

Lead Panel (conveners: Mary Cosgrove, Frauke Matthes)

19th century (convener: Malcolm Spencer)

Ritchie Robertson (Oxford): The Deviant as Criminal: Versions of the Conspirator in Schiller, Freytag, and Thomas Mann

Christopher Geissler (Cambridge): 'Cycles of violence' in A.G.F. Rebmann's response to the Haitian Revolution

Anne Fuchs (St Andrews): Robbers who no longer want to rob: The Deviant Deviant in Robert Walser's Raeuberroman

Dr. Eleoma Joshua (Edinburgh): The German Language Reception of Robert Burns in the Austrian Empire


Margit Dirscherl (QMUL): Zur Aesthetik der Grossstadt in Heinrich Heines Pariser Prosa

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 Parallel Sessions

Childhood (Debbie Pinfold)

Hellas and Latium – Modern German encounters with the ancient world (conveners: Helen Roche, Damian Valdez)

Beate Mueller (Newcastle): The Personal is Political: Child and Community in the Visual Material of Child Holocaust Diaries

Helen Roche (Cambridge): 'Wanderer, kommst du nach Preussen....': Sparta as model in Prussian military thought during

the long nineteenth century

Alexandra Lloyd (Wadham, Oxford): The Physical Legacy of a Third Reich Childhood in Contemporary Museums

Adam Lecznar (UCL): Nietzsche's Prometheus in The Birth of Tragedy, The Gay Science and beyond

Debbie Pinfold (Bristol): 'Das fremde Kind': The Child as counter-cultural ideal in GDR literature

Damian Valdez (Cambridge): The pathos of Greek competition in modern German thought

Nora Maguire (Maynooth): "Und die Kinder wissen nichts davon": Innocence, desire and the role of the reader in Marcel Beyer's Flughunde (1995)

Annette Mitchell (UCL): Freud and Philhellenism

17:30-18:30 Plenary

Frauke Matthes (Edinburgh):

What does 'deviant masculinity' mean in contemporary German-language


19:30 Conference Dinner, Playfair Library, Old College


9:00-10:30 Parallel Sessions

Lead Panel (conveners: Mary Cosgrove, Frauke Matthes)

Linguistics (convener: Nils Langer)

Stuart Taberner (Leeds): Dirty Old Men: Martin Walser's Altenherrenerotik-Trilogy and Muttersohn

Klaus Fischer (LMU): Contrastive Focusing in German Texts: Syntax Meets Discourse

Linda Shortt (Bangor): Growing Old Disgracefully: Gender and Ageing in Contemporary German Literature

Nils Langer (Bristol): Language Contact Phenomena in Soldiers’ Letters from 1848

Mary Cosgrove (Edinburgh): The Nurse of Naughtinesse: The Deviant as Idler in Wilhelm Genazino's Work

Melani Schroeter (Reading): Comparative analysis of political discourse

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break, Foyer

11:00-12:30 Parallel Sessions

20th/21st century (Debbie Pinfold)

Gender (convener: Frauke Matthes)

Martin Modlinger (Cambridge) "Dichter, arbeite jetzt um das groesste Werk der Welten": Goethe's Faust as rewritten by the inmates of Theresienstadt

Christa Binswanger (Centre for Gender Studies, University of Basel): Guide Bachmann's Gilgamesch (1966): Re-Writing Adolescent Homosexuality beyond Deviance

Joanne Sayner (Birmingham): Greta Kuckhoff and Anna Seghers: Antifascist Exchanges

Angelika Baier (Universitaet Wien): Multiple Deviance: Intersexuality in German Crime Fiction

Aine McMurty (Durham): A Poetics of Translation: Yoko Tawada Reads Paul Celan

Claire Amanda Ross (independent scholar):

The Adventuress: The Accidental Deviant

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 Parallel Sessions

Translation (convener: Peter Davies)

Swiss Literature (convener: Juergen Barkhoff)

Astrid Koehler (QMUL) Between Translation and Cultural Transfer: Rendering Post-Napoleonic Prussia and Regency England in English and German

Carnel Finnan (Limerick) tba

Alina Bothe (FU Berlin), Translating Yiddish into German: "The Task of the Translator" – A Case Study

Juergen Barkhoff (TCD): Groessenwahn im Kleinstaat. Performanzen der Macht bei Thomas Huerlimann

Janet Stewart (Aberdeen), "The Energetic Imperative": Wilhelm Ostwald's Contribution to the Energy Humanities


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break, Foyer

15:30 Business Meeting

18:00 President's Guest tba

20:00 Dinner The Reverie, Newington Road


9:00-10:30 Parallel Sessions

History and Remembrance (convener: Silke Arnold de-Simine)

Medieval and Early Modern Studies (convener: Sabine Rolle)

Sara Jones (Birmingham): The Medial Frames of Memory. Remembering the Stasi in the United Germany

Henrike Laehnemann (Newcastle): Medieval Outreach: 'Lehren und Bilden' as Literary Concepts

Rebecca Claire Dolgoy (Oxford): Ersatz Engagement vs. Phenomenological Embodyment. History, Memory, and Temporality in Two Berlin Museums.

Alastair Matthews (Bonn): Reading and translating Lohengrin

Ute Woelfel (Reading): The end of innocence: Konrad Wolf's Mama, ich lebe (1977) and Frank Beyers' Der Aufenthalt (1983)

Mads Langballe Jensen (UCL): Monarchy and Community in the Peasants' War: Re-integrating the Lutheran Reformation into the History of Political Thought

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break, Foyer

11:00-12:30 Parallel Sessions

20th/21st century (convener: Debbie Pinfold)

19th century (convener: Malcom Spencer)

Ernest Schonfield (UCL): Globalisation and the Bohemianisation of Business in Ernst-Wilhelm Haendler's Wenn wir sterben (2002)

Japhet Johnstone (Muenster & Washington, Seattle): Passive Deviance and Perversion in Keller's Kleider machen Leute

Margaret Littler (Manchester): Strange Loops and Quantum Turns in Barbara Koehler's Niemands Frau

Yvonne Huetter (Munich): Kafka's Die Verwandlung read in the light of Todorov's theories of 'magical realism'.

Jeanine Tuschling (Warwick) Privacy, Publicity, Personality. Jelinek's Critique of the Internet in Neid and Winterreise

Reinier van Straten (Oxford): The persistence of Nietzsche's Self-Overcoming in Buber's Philosophical Anthropology

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 Parallel Sessions

Lead Panel (conveners: Mary Cosgrove, Frauke Matthes) Chair: Frauke Matthes

18th century (convener: Daniel Wilson)

Elizabeth Boa (Nottingham): Deviant Normality and Monstrous Breakthrough: Sex Monsters around 1900

Madeleine Brook (Oxford): "Eine verworfene Gesellschaft von jungen Maennern" or the most galant of all princes? Examining the sources for August the Strong and his popular reputation

Lara Benjamin / Oliver Haag (Edinburgh): "Wider der Negerkultur fuer das deutsche Volkstum": Narratives of Degeneracy and Deviance in Art

Orsolya Kiss (Oxford): A History of Plot: Gottsched to Engel

Stefan Halft (Passau): Clones as a Metaphor of Deviance: Cultural Strategies of Repair and Normative patterns of Development in Contemporary German Fiction

Jonathan Fine (Irvine/Potsdam): Werther's Fans: Imitators, Haters, and the Fight over Die Leiden des jungen Werthers

15:00 Closing Business, Departure with Coffee in the Foyer