members_group1The AGS holds an annual conference at changing locations throughout the UK and Ireland and brings together national and international scholars from all branches of German Studies. We also offer conference funding.

As a platform for discussing the latest research and developments in German Studies, the annual conference fosters the exchange between established, postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers. Our regular themed panels, special panels and a lead panel organised by the host department cover a wide range of topics relating to German literature, culture and linguistics, from the Middle Ages to the present day. A lecture or reading by the President’s guest and cultural events regularly frame the conference programme. Recent conferences took place in Bristol, Bangor, Warwick, Newcastle, Limerick, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London. In 2020, we held some conferences sessions online and the 2021 conference was entirely online. In 2022, the AGS at 90 conference was held at the University of Nottingham but in hybrid form with some sessions online.